Tuesday, September 28

Please register each member of your group for the sessions they want to attend within each breakout block. While we do not require that your group separate and attend different sessions within each block, we do encourage you to do so to make the most of the various session content offered.

Block A

10:30am ET

Session: Evaluating and Identifying Missions Partners

If churches want to put a greater focus on taking the gospel to the unreached, then naturally there will be some questions concerning our missions partners:

  • How do I identify faithful partners working among the unreached?
  • What does this mean for current partners who work among the reached?
  • How can my congregation support and care well for the people we support and send out?

These are the kinds of questions we’ll address in this session.

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Scott Logsdon
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Jimmy Roh

Session: Supporting and caring well for missionaries

It’s crucial for sending churches to care well for those whom they send out and support. This session will discuss ways for churches to provide long-term support for missionaries in ways that are practical and intentional.

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Cyrus Mad-Bondo

Session: Mobilizing Students and Professionals

In this session we will look at the roadblocks that both students and professionals face in mobilization and discuss practical solutions to see more students and professionals mobilized to global mission. This session we will ask for participation from the audience.

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Josh Caldwell
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Please register each member of your group for their preferred session.

Block B

12:45pm ET

Session: Effective Short Term Trips

Are short-term mission trips always ineffective and a waste of resources? Come join us as we discuss how knowing the purpose behind short-term trips can help us determine the kinds of trips we take, the kinds of things we do on our trips, and the best ways to prepare for trips.

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Jonathan & Bethany Derbyshire

Session: Preaching for the Sake of the Nations *

The central passion of God’s Word is to make God’s glory known in all nations. This session will discuss theological foundations and missiological implications of preaching.

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David Platt

* This session has limited spaces and is for lead pastors only.

Session: Evaluate Your Church Budget

The fact that so little of the church’s resources are aimed at making disciples among the unreached should cause us to rethink our giving and our budgets. Participants in this session will learn practical first steps for evaluating their church budget so that they can focus more of their giving on peoples and places among the nations with little gospel access.

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Chad Hunsberger
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Please register each member of your group for their preferred session.

Block C

2:05pm ET

Session: Connecting Small Groups with Global Mission

The purpose of this session is to help church leaders think through how their small groups can play a part in God’s global mission. We’ll discuss how small groups can be used—through prayer, giving, going, and leading others—to see God’s name made known among all nations.

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Cyndi Logsdon

Session: Following Up with Those Who Respond

In this session we’ll discuss the church’s role in identifying, confirming, encouraging, and equipping those in your church whom the Lord may be leading to serve among the unreached. This responsibility and privilege belongs to the local church.

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Scott Logsdon
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Jimmy Roh

Session: Mission Fields to Mission Forces

The call of global mission to the unreached is not a US church call but a global church call. How can we humbly and effectively mobilize our current church mission partners to be forces to see the unreached, reached with the Gospel?

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Josh Caldwell and panel
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Please register each member of your group for their preferred session.